Maryland Social Sports  is a great way to meet new people in the area! The games are played at a bar so you can drink while you are playing!
  • You don’t need experience.  Most people have no idea how to play when they start in our league.  Next thing you know you’ll be an expert!
  • Anyone can play!  Regardless of your athletic ability or skills you WILL HAVE FUN IN OUR LEAGUE without breaking a sweat!! (Did we mention no sweating?)
  • You will meet a ton of new people at the park at the bar.  Everyone in each of our locations enjoy great specials at our sponsor bars after the games… YOU WILL MEET PEOPLE FROM OTHER TEAMS!!!
  • It’s a good ice breaker.  “Did you know I play in a (insert sport) league?”
  • We are a subsidiary of the Kickball League of Baltimore & Penn Social Sports! We have run leagues in the area since 2001 so we know how to do it right!
  • Our leagues are reasonably priced so you will get your money’s worth!